A Fiber Cement Rainscreen Facade Company


Environmental Declaration:


The declaration recognizes the great responsibility placed on all the Manufactures, Architects, Draftsman, Designers and Engineers in the World to do all it can to influence a major reduction in the level of carbon emissions that result from the creation and life-cycle of the built environment.

Following is the agreement in its entirety and the names of the leaders who signed it.

X: Eastern Architectural Products, LLC.

We the undersigned, Members of Eastern Architectural Products, LLC., agree to give priority to the vital issue of climate change. We recognize the great responsibility that we have as professional to do all we can to influence a major reduction in the level of carbon emissions from the built environment.

We commit ourselves to setting an example through the careful management of resources within our own organizations and encouraging our members and clients to do so in respect to their projects. We also agree to engage with our respective clients to reduce the pollution of the earth’s atmosphere and the consequent threat to life and the natural environment.

X: Eastern Architectural Products, LLC. Date:October 10, 2008

(Modeled after the AIA 2005 Declaration)

“EAP makes every attempt possible to reduce our company’s Impact on the environment.”

Documents are available for download: we kindly request that you download our product information from the internet as this helps eliminate unnecessary waste of valuable resources.

We do not send out product binders: In an attempt to reduce our paper usage, and the spread of paper waste by others, we no longer send out large product binders. Product literature is available on our website for download, additional information is necessary is available via email upon request. please email us and your request will be promptly answered.

We do not print our quotes or Emails: We make every attempt not to print our quotes or our emails. We send our quotes electronically.

We use both side of our scrap paper: When possible we use back side of our internal office paper.

We shred our scrap paper for packaging: After our internal paperwork, scrap paper, junk mail, etc, is no longer needed, we shred most of the paper to use as protective packing for our samples.

We reuse our packaging: When we purchase products, we make every attempt to re-use the box the product was delivered in. Any packing peanuts we use are biodegradable.

We attempt to combine shipments: – We make every attempt to combine shipments to reduce the amount of fuel consumption during shipping. Both overseas and in the united states of America.

We cut our sample material from our fabrication scraps: Scrap material from fabrication is cut into samples, which reduces our amount of material waste and impact on our landfills.

We Recycle: Junk Mail, Cardboard, blue prints received, and other paper materials our office receives daily is recycled.

Suppliers Are ISO 14001: 2004 Certified – The manufactures of our fiber cement products are ISO Certified Under Certification Number be 97/1002.em

Suppliers Are ISO 14001: 2005 Certified- The manufactures of our fiber cement products are ISO Certified Under Certification Number 12100/104 6728/03tms